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Video Aula de Inglês c/ Prof.Newton - Pronomes Pessoais #dicasdeinglês

Esse é o primeiro vídeo de uma série sobre a gramática da língua ! Espero que gostem!
Gramática de Inglês com o Prof.Newton Rocha 01 – Pronomes Pessoais. PERSONAL PRONOUNS Subject Pronouns
I talked to him. We go to the club every weekend. My mother drives us there. Can I help you? Can you help me? My friend and I are going to travel. They are going to travel.
They want to talk to the students. They want to talk to THEM.
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Inglês c/Música! "Home Sweet Home" do Mötley Crüe! Letra,vídeo e tradução! #dicasdeinglês (Prof.Newton)

Home Sweet Home” is a power ballad by the American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. It was originally released in 1985 on the album Theatre of Pain, and again in 1991 for the Decade of Decadence compilation album. It has been recorded as a cover version by several artists, and was released as a single by Carrie Underwood in 2009. The 1991 version had a new music video, different from the original version. Along with “Wild Side“, “Home Sweet Home” is one of the rare Mötley Crüe hits to have Vince Neil credited with the songwriting, though he did play a part in writing many of their non-hit songs. Home Sweet Home Mötley Crüe

You know I’m a dreamer But my heart’s of gold I had to run away high So I wouldn’t come home low
Just when the things went right It doesn’t mean they were always wrong Just take this song and you’ll never feel Left all alone