Cartoon: Guns and Jobs #dicasdeinglês

Cartoon: Guns and Jobs:
Guns and jobs
This cartoon by Bob Englehart from the Hartford Courant is a contribution to the gun control debate, which has been reignited in the USA following the Newtown school shooting and President Obama's promise to push for new gun control laws. In the latest round in the battle for public opinion, the NRA has launched an ad campaign against the proposed gun control measures in five key states.
One of the arguments used against tightening the restrictions on the sale of arms is that guns create jobs. For example, this is from the website of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
United States companies that manufacture, distribute and sell sporting firearms, ammunition and supplies are an important part of the country's economy. Manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and supplies, along with the companies that sell and distribute these products, provide well paying jobs in America and pay significant amounts in tax to the state and Federal governments.
However, the cartoonist leaves us in no doubt as to where he stands on the issue by adding professions such as grave diggers and prison guards to the list of jobs related to the sale and manufacture of guns. In fact, you can read Bob Englehart's own commentary on this cartoon here.
In American English a mortician in someone whose job is to arrange funerals. The British word is undertaker.
Before showing them the cartoon, get your students to brainstorm a list of all the jobs related to the sale and manufacture of guns. Then compare their answers with the cartoon.
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