Creative Grammar Lessons Worse vs Worst

Creative Grammar Lessons Worse vs Worst:
Worst vs. Worse
Worst: least good, most unpleasant, or most unfavorable
Worse: less good in quality or effect than before or than somebody or something else
That’s helpful, least good or less good? This is one of those deceptively simple commonly confused pairs that get well, commonly confused.
To put it simply, use worse to compare two things. The things can be objects, concepts, places, people, etc. “I loathe Brussels sprouts but cabbage is even worse.”
Use worst to state that one particular thing is inferior to multiple other things. Since the word worst is used to single out one thing it will always come after the word the. “You’re out of your mind; Brussels sprouts and cabbage are bad but the absolute worst is eggplant!”
Teachers this is a great commonly confused pair to share with your students. Challenge them to create their own sentences containing the worst of the worst and decide which is worse.

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