Language tip of the week: occur

Language tip of the week: occur:
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This week some advice about the spelling of the word occur and other examples of words ending in -ur or -er:
Don’t write the -ed and -ing forms of occur with only one ‘r’. The correct spellings are occurred and occurring:

✗ It never ocured to me that I could be wrong.

✓ It never occurred to me that I could be wrong.

✗ Many changes are occuring at every level of education.

✓ Many changes are occurring at every level of education.
The reason why the ‘r’ is doubled in the -ed and -ing forms is that the stress falls on the final syllable of the verb in its infinitive form: occur.
The same rule applies to most other verbs ending in -ur and -er where the stress falls on the final syllable:
prefer preferred preferring
confer conferred conferring
concur concurred concurring
When the stress does not fall on the final syllable, the -ed and -ing forms are spelled with one ‘r’:
utter uttered uttering
cater catered catering
murmur murmured murmuring

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