Texto em Inglês de nível Intermediário! Cleaning Habits #dicasdeinglês

Cleaning Habits:
Are you a slob? A neat freak? Are you the kind of person who folds and puts away your clothes as soon as you get changed for bed, or who just dumps your clothes in a pile on the floor? There are probably as many different cleaning habits as there are people in the world.

Being super neat or super messy isn’t that much of a big deal when you live by yourself. When you live with roommates or a spouse or partner, you have to worry about whether your cleaning habits are compatible with the person you live with. If your cleaning habits differ, you’ll probably have to learn how to compromise, or else decide that living together isn’t going to work out. Find out how Greta and Mason deal with each other’s cleaning habits in this housekeeping English lesson.


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